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About us

With roots in IT (Information Technology), AnotherTrail is a services organisation specialised in the creation & selling of accurate problem/solutions messages for the correct target audience. We enable our clients to penetrate new markets, create solutions matching the demand of cloud-transformation, and building a step-by-step approach towards software-defined digitalisation.

Created back in 2008 by business veterans with expertise in IT, Telecom, Networking & IoT / M2M. Our expertise, innovation, and ecosystem work as an extension of your resources.

Our strengths

Anothertrail have mastered the art of Successful Selling across multiple related emerging technologies through their service essential platform approach. Selling involves the creation of accurate Problem/Solutions messages for the correct target audience (both potential users and routes to market), accommodating existing technologies, whilst retaining visibility of additional complimentary emerging service offerings.

Constant internal and external collaboration has produced a series of service platform models, promoting the Application is King mantra into agile and forward thinking organisations.

Our clients

We work with and for:

  • Technology Startups looking to expand into Europe or vertical markets
  • Leading ISVs looking to enter new use-cases, requiring expertise in problem / solution
  • Smart System Integrators in search of competencies & solutions to stimulate their customer base
  • Enterprises & Service Providers looking for return-of-experience on latest technologies

Our 2 core Silos of Expertise

SDS Software-Defined-Something

Our main objective with SDS technologies used in the Infrastructure, is to identify strategic components delivering 2 key benefits:

  1. Increased Automation: while technologies become more & more complex, and that the global IT Infrastructure picture becomes even bigger and in constant evolution, we need to enable a complete automation to speed-up processes, empower the IT staff and finally make the Infrastructure agile enough to evolve constantly.
  2. Simplification: We need to create abstraction layers in order to help companies to move fast, and avoid sending their staff to certifications, trainings, etc.. Simplifying the deployment of new technologies, and their interworking among others will contribute making Enterprises getting the benefits of technologies vs. getting their constraints.

Those components are part of 8 SDS-silos that are today fulfilled..or not yet. Contact us, we’ll share with you our description of those SDS-Silos.


CIB Cases of IoT & Blockchain

IoT (that we translate by Information of Things(tm) vs. Internet of Things) and Blockchain are both a set of technologies that can contribute to new business models.

Our experience in various Industries of IoT told us that the need is for new business models, not just sensors/actuators. Enterprises will get value from money spent in IoT & Blockchain by focusing on specific cases and in a step by step approach. Starting small and evolving constantly to create more values. In all cases, the true value emerges from the trusted Information acquired from the ground.

Illustrations include Digital traceability, inspection and energy smart dispatch.

The objective is always the same: deliver new Business values, source of new revenues and ecosystem for the Enterprise.


Our Core Services

Build a Problem/Solution case

Starting either from a specific technology or customer problem, we deploy our methodology to articulate the problem identified in a specific Industry, what the solution could be and what is the route-to-market required to develop the business of this solution.

Stimulate demand

After creating together with you a specific story to present your new capacity to architecture & deploy state-of-the-art solutions, we become your sales-project detection engine stimulating demand and qualifying the cases.

Expose your technology

We will introduce your solution to speed up the business ramp-up, or simply test the market; thanks to an Ecosystem we started to build back in 2014, across EMEA but also in North America, who includes Enterprises, Channels, Service Providers in various Industries.

Client news

Our Team

Through presence in 7 countries (Europe, North America), our team comes with strong expertise in Product Marketing, Business Development, Channel Development, Sales and last technical architecture.

At AnotherTrail, we believe that credibility for achieving results is essential, and we aim at having both business & technical components to that credibility.

Our team is organised in 3 groups: BusDev for hunting on problems/solutions, SalesDev for generating revenues and TechOps for scouting new technologies, doing tests, running technical workshops, looking at assembling technologies on the paper.

Project Enquiries

Call: +33 476 998 716
Email: etienne @ anothertrail.com

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