Growing pipeline

Don’t start a European Sales team from scratch, use AnotherTrail.

New Markets

We uncover the European market potential of your innovative Technology.

We get you a seat at the table.

Revenue & Costs

What is the shortest route to a European revenue stream.

What is the optimal cost model for European expansion.

Our Heritage


Established 2008

Backgrounds in IT, Telecom, Networking, IoT / M2M & Cybersecurity.

Staffed by experienced sales, marketing, and technical professionals in countries across Europe backed up by associates, where required. A network of contacts in Enterprise including  Carriers, OEM, Distribution, and Resale across the region

 (If we don’t know someone, we know someone that does!)

Who we work for

Technology Start-ups

Looking to expand into Europe or particular vertical markets or looking for Finance


Looking for new opportunities or requiring qualification of technology and associated market potential

Leading ISV

Looking to enter new areas, requiring expertise in a specific problem / solution

Smart Systems Integrators

In search of competencies and solutions to stimulate their customer base

Large Enterprise

Investigating emerging innovation to solve exist problems or generate new opportunities

Managed Service Providers

Moving up the stack with new margin rich service offerings

Our Technology Expertise

IoT Industry 4.0

The movement of IoT from ‘traditional science experiments’ to real business propositions delivering simple end-to-end service offerings.

Edge Computing

The ingestion, computation and triggering of actions local with limited or no recourse to Cloud services. The emergence of AI & ML techniques, micro-services and digital twinning

Software Defined & Cloud Native

Includes Software Defined Wan and SD Data Centres plus the orchestration and operational management of dispersed container(micro-service) systems

Current Clients

For all partnering details or demonstrations contact AnotherTrail

Our Success

The original SD-WAN vendor sold to VMware in 2017.

AnotherTrail established the initial European partner model through direct end-user engagement.

The original SD-Data Centre vendor sold to HPE in 2018.

AnotherTrail established first major service provider win and developed both integrator and distributor relationships.

Composable Infrastructure vendor sold to Western Digital in 2019.

AnotherTrail ran its entire European operations including partner development

Acquired by Ekinops in 2021

SixSq provides the edge-to-cloud management platform, which allows companies and institutions to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud strategy, while avoiding lock-in.

Our contacts include

And many more