Ghost Robotics

Whilst the uses of Unmanned quadrupedal ground robots has been driven by the military, here is a video explaining a civilian deployment on the railways.

Tiny Edge – Computer vision

Computer Vision For the last two years AnotherTrail’s consulting arm AnotherPeak has successfully crafted and deployed innovative Edge Compute Proof of Concept models for various organisations across Europe. Whilst certain models offer increased complexity processing, automation and orchestration, more simplistic concepts are emerging like Tiny Edge.  My recent  Blog looked at Micro Control Units and …

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5G and MEC

From the outside looking in, the promotion of 5G and Mobile Edge Compute appears to be a re-run of an old ‘IoT is Serious’ episode, with the cast of door sensors, street lighting and automated dustbins replaced by headline VR, AR, Gaming and autonomous vehicles actors, sponsored by the public could providers terrified the edge will …

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Etienne’s post of the week Feb15 2021

Where we see new opportunities of technology, Part 1 Edge Computing is now more than a buzzword. Running Applications as close as possible to where the data & action is located. Makes tons of sense as it will create a new generation of “Cloud” that merges the previous generation with “edge computing”. Should we call …

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Cyber psychology

What is Cyberpsychology?  By Jack Reid Cyberpsychology is the study of psychological matters within modern technology. There are many reasons as to why this area can be useful for psychologists and tech enthusiasts alike. Social media, virtual reality, online health and many other areas of interest are commonly debated around the concept. To strip away …

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Infiot Big innovation award

Innovation : Extensible Edge. You can still optimise WAN connectivity with application priority for office environments(like traditional SD-WAN), however Extensible Edge extends(and securely scales) to remote workers, IoT devices and LAN attached 3rd party workers. Extensible Edge also enhances the ability to enable crafted application profiles on a per location basis by enabling bespoke local …

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