Releasing the Application hounds

Releasing the Application hounds
January 13, 2017 Etienne Coulon

The show begins, the suits stand up and, like the great marketers of old, spout key technology verbiage like Cloud, Virtualisation and Orchestration, terms meaning different things to different people, but making the speaker appear tech savvy and at one with the Internet.

Emerging from the first wave of market-speak, calmer water appear ahead as the audience drifts into As-a-Service land and it’s closely aligned relative software-defined-everything. In the corner, guru’s debate when and if IaaS will mind meld with PaaS, whilst software-defined-mainframe academics and the Apache DC/OS communes swap battle stories with an ancient Greek helmsman.

From the outside it is pure gibberish, yet inside this arena hype, spin and commercial interests sit side by side with genuine open communities and the god of wikinomics.

The application is king, declares an agile young man. The audience applauds, yet under the polished virtualised veneer they know the application is no such thing.

Be it Docker or VM, bare metal or traditional server the application is a networking afterthought, an irritant whose demands intrude on the closeted world of Routing Protocols, Leaf and Spine architectures and hyper convergence fairy tales.

To be king you must rule, dictate the way of things. After all today’s business revolves around the success of key applications?

Then it appears at the entrance, a knight on shinning optics. The networks offer bottlenecks, yet Devops pounces, crafting a single tiered path for our hero into the heart of the problem.

‘Where there are optics let me harvest its fruits’, the knight declares, the audience gasps

‘Where there is Orchestration and Workload I shall do likewise.’

Then turning to Devops, ‘Dear friend, let Ruby, Ansible and your comrades will join as well.’

More gasps

‘My king demands success. Bandwidth and latency, workload and orchestration, all must be his to command.’

Welcome to the new kingdom of Application Defined Networking @Anothertrail.


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