Edge-Computing & SD-WAN

Edge-Computing & SD-WAN
November 4, 2018 Etienne Coulon

What many companies start to advise, we need Edge Computing. Right but..

Most refer to the new challenge: Establishing last-mile connections. Users, and by extension their devices, are always on the move and are constantly connecting to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Building robust, reliable connections in a global market that enables a service to connect with all of the ISPs in a region is time-consuming, expensive, and can be a major distraction for an organisation that needs to focus on other business-critical issues. Solution: organisations can look for established and comprehensive network of last-mile service providers to efficiently service end users.

AnotherTrail’s view

This is where SD-WAN has a bright future, with smart policy management end2end, ie. from the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to the back-end Datacenter. The architecture will look like described below:


Back-end DC———————-Front-end DC—————————Client CPE and data sources

Most likely a public Cloud                 Most likely a Telco DC                          Most likely an architecture with Sensors, Data appearing suddenly

Typically the old PoP

Technologies like Plexxi (Fabric as a Service, now part of HPE) will be used between the DCs, ideally up to the CPE if fibre @ 10G is available, else SD-WAN will play the last mile, enabling to reach the front-end DC with which ever last mile ISP and combination of ISPs.

Integrating SD-WAN with Fabric-as-a-service is the enxt big topic. With a software-defined workload distribution leveraging application & latency policy management.

Who will be the 1st to deliver such?




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