Heritage Sales – Wash Whites Separately

Heritage Sales – Wash Whites Separately
December 4, 2018 chris

Tradition dictates that during one’s teenage years, a parent will take you to one side and explain the fundamentals of the humble washing machine. Read the label, check the temperature to avoid shrinkage and above all else don’t mix whites and colours. Red socks and a white shirt equals pink shirt and much sorrow my son.

For decades the IT industry has followed similar rules, the physical infrastructure is king, has many different silos and should be kept separated from applications.

But then some creative people saw a business model in pink shirts.

Today the cloud and associated virtualisation give the agile end users infinite colours and sizes, with an invisible infrastructure on a pay-as-you-use basis supported by code hungry Devops teams crafting a 24 hours stream of ingenuity and profit.

Someone said ‘If your business can be disrupted by a software company then you are a software company and if you don’t adapt you soon will die’. But the majority in our industry were born to wash whites separately and the transition can be painful and more importantly slow.

Sure enough, a vendor can hire bright young things to craft a Cloud based offering to accommodate both Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) and Cloud Native requirements, yet that must be marketed and sold before its value can be realised, and hence the journey along the Amazon begins.

Firstly, they must navigate the rapids, the speed of a Cloud Native business environment both in terms of end-users drivers and new routes to market. The concept of a Citizen Integrator bypassing a traditional Systems Integrator and servicing his/her needs direct via a SaaS marketplace, radically changes product and service positioning.

Then consider the traditional rip and replace capex centred Vendor+VAD+VAR model. It simply does not work in a pay-as-you-use virtualised Cloud based IaaS, SaaS, PaaS environment. The whole fiscal mechanics must adapt to a new and more flexible income stream.

How does a traditional VAR migrate towards the cloud world and engage in a $80bn(and growing) SaaS market?

AnotherTrail has been working on exactly this question and how through new and innovative technology we can all sell pink shirts.


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