AnotherTrail’s European Engagement – Compas Playbook

For a technology start-up….

……entering the European market can be a daunting experience.

  • Different cultures, languages, routes-to-markets need to be correctly appraised.
  • Different price models, import regulations must be accommodated.
  • Does your messaging fit the target market?
  • Can your  pre/post sales support this environment and can back-office logistics deliver?

And once that is done you need to engage a receptive audience.

Twelve years experience

AnotherTrail is the glue between technology start-ups, end-users and like-minded partners

Over twelve years we have enabled companies to test the European market and develop initial pipeline without recourse to permanent headcount. From Core Market Analysis, Operational Foundations and initial Execution, hundreds of technology start-ups have benefited from our service.

Compas Playbooks

Playbooks offer a unified system of execution.

Compas provide both the platform to craft your own playbook, and access to their ‘library of experience’, prebuilt playbooks by industry experts.

This is the location for AnotherTrail’s new ‘European Engagement Playbook’. This is a reflection of all the challenges we have faced over time.

Users can follow step by step or adapt to meet their own needs.

New ‘plays’ can be created, actioned and managed across departments, regions and companies

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