Start-ups : Our commitment

  • We listen aggressively
  • We want to be your partner – but not at any price
  • We will tell you if we don’t believe it will succeed and why
  • No need to invest in additional inside sales or costly recruitment of permanent heads
  • Reduces or eliminates travel requirements and costs
  • We’re in the same time zone as the prospects
  • We know the people to reach
  • We want you to be successful

Our Disruptive Business Model for Start-ups

Target Market

Work with you to  identify and litmus tests your  solution in specific European markets.

Problems it solves

Work with you to identify both technically and commercially how the problem manifests in the European market.


Work with you to understand the features and benefits of your solution to the particular customer type  (Direct/Indirect)

Define a set of use-cases to illustrate the saves money/makes money

Route to market

Work with you to identify ‘local’ markets and conditions – positioning, competitive offerings, specific market requirements, maybe pricing.

Work with you to articulate the proposition for the local markets and agree the likely route-to-market required to develop the business

Revenue model

Time to pipeline, time to revenue. AT illustrates the potential based on target customer.

Business model

Agree support requirements and availability

Agree expectations of the partnership

Agree delivery and timelines for reporting.

AT will present the initial European Engagement model.

Key Resources

Work with you to craft a client visibility matrix based on route to market. Covers local language material through social media, webinars and regional events


Generate initial interest, trigger proof-of- concept and engage appropriate route to market.

Our Pedigree