ESG reporting and Edge computing

Environmental Social Governance and the associated reporting underpins the $130Trillion of investment committed in the transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Organisations are increasingly judged not on their green words(green washing) but on what they can prove(green evidence).

The failure to disclose impacts both the access to new investment and existing shareholder confidence.

Edge Compliance

‘sCompanies already operate in an increasingly regulated world, forcing them to collate, analyse and report all manner of operational data.

In Oil & Gas we need smart devices to prove the pressure in a pipeline has not exceeded pre set limits. In Building management lifts, escalators and air conditioning units must all report and adhere to the appropriate standards and on the railways, health and safety demands real time visibility on railway crossing performance and track intrusion.


Working with our sister company AnotherPeak we have designed and implemented edge compute models for various organisations to meet these regulatory needs. By utilising Clearblade’s Intelligent Asset Management technology we enable the aggregation of multiple different devices and streams into one estate wide view, dramatically increasing  operational efficiency. Once compiled, upstream ticketing and analysis services can be deployed, whilst new policies are pushed down to the edge providing local actions and triggers all potentially augmented by specific ML and AI engines.

‘If you cannot prove you are compliant you are non-compliant’ 

With Clearblade we can, so why not push that collated data as evidence into an ESG reporting platform? 

SFDR and friends

ESG Auditors work against frameworks like the EU SFDR model. Auditing can be a resource intensive and expensive annual task, collating both ESG information and proof points from numerous internal and external(supply chain) sources.

By providing a secure SFDR repository, audit costs are reduced, compliance streamlined and investors reassured. 


We have partnered with Arivu to deliver a platform that owns, proves and shares all your sustainability data including that gleaned from the Clearblade service.

Arivu allows the easy assembly of granular evidence to underpin your sustainability data.

It covers both internal data and supply chain(GGP Scope 3) requirements.

With our extensive Edge Compute/IoT knowledge we at Anothertrail are learning how to translate collated data into framework compliant declarations.

Here is the Arivu introductory video.