Etienne’s post of the week Feb15 2021

Where we see new opportunities of technology, Part 1

Edge Computing is now more than a buzzword. Running Applications as close as possible to where the data & action is located. Makes tons of sense as it will create a new generation of “Cloud” that merges the previous generation with “edge computing”. Should we call it “Cloud 2.0”? not sure!

But the key point here is that we’re going back to the most important thing for any ENterprise: Applications. Whichever computing technology is used, those are the applications (“Apps“) that create the value!

At AnotherTrail, we believe that the edge will become like your and my smartphone: a recipient of Apps. Then the value of new solutions like the one of to enable a (safe) conduit between the Edges and the Cloud: enabling a market place whether private or public. The best way to update or deliver more Apps @ the Edge.